Kendall Jenner Reveals Which Sis Has The Best Wardrobe

Between them, the Kardashian/Jenner clan have the most enviable wardrobes on the planet. From bespoke gowns to couture coats, hot heels and an insane arm candy arsenal, Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall have amassed a combined closet that’s equal to the annual income of a small country. 

Now, Kendall Jenner has revealed who, in her opinion, has the best wardrobe out of her sisters, and it may surprise you to learn who that is…

Chatting all things fashion with People Style, 20-year-old Kendall let us in on what it’s really like to have four sisters with equally insane ‘drobes at her disposal, even going as far to reveal which of her famous siblings has the best selection of certain style staples. 
‘Khloé has the best shoe selection and she’s my size,’ the super. ‘Kourtney has good statement pieces. Kim has amazing things you could never find [elsewhere].’ Jenner also admitted to occasionally dipping into her mother Kris’s collection of diamond jewellery. Well, wouldn’t you? 
However, it appears wardrobe generosity doesn’t run in the family, as there’s one sis that won’t share her clothes with Kendall (or anyone else for that matter!)
‘We’re all super-generous minus Kylie,’ Jenner said with a cheeky smile on her face. ‘Kylie and I always fight over clothes. It’s, like, a problem. But it’s because we grew up together and we just grew up fighting over clothes.’
Well, it beats pulling each other’s hair out over something stupid like boys, doesn’t it?