The Kardashians’ Kids Clothing Line Is In Trouble

The Kardashians have just been dealt a major blow about their Kardashian Kids clothing line.

When the range first launched, we saw sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney promoting it on their Instagram accounts and posting tonnes of cute pictures of the baby-appropriate range.

But promotion of the line seems to have died down a little, and now, things aren’t looking great for the future of Kardashian Kids.

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According to the Daily Telegraph, the clothing range hasn’t been available in Big W stores (where it’s sold in the US) for several months. Eep.

And now, the license owner Bruno Schiavi, who owns Jupi 8, has gone into liquidation and reportedly owes creditors more than $80,000.

Jupi 8 also owns Rob Kardashian’s sock line, Arthur George Loungewear.


While it’s not clear what long-term effect this will have on Kardashian Kids, it’s definitely not looking great for either clothing line right now.

The Kardashians also had problems with their Kardashian Beauty range back in March, when it was reported they were being sued $180 million by an investor for not tweeting enough about their products.

Let’s hope they manage to keep Kardashian Kids afloat – because come on, look how cute those outfits are!