What On Earth Does Kanye West’s T.L.O.P Album Mean?!

Kanye West has got EVERYONE talking, because guess what? He’s only gone and changed the name of his album again. (Yes, again).

First it was So Help Me God, then it was SWISH, and then it was WAVES.

But apparently, three album title name changes is simply not enough for this rapper, because he’s now picked a new name for his upcoming release. And it’s a total mind-boggler.

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kanye west tlop Kanye has re-named his album for the FOURTH time…


T.L.O.P. Yep, that’s the catchy new title for Kanye’s new LP. And Kim Kardashian’s husband is now running a Twitter competition to let people guess what it stands for. 

‘@studio /final verses /new album title T.L.O.P. That’s the new album anybody who can figure out the title gets tickets to Season 3 and free Yeezys’, Kanye tweeted.

Yep, you get a free pair of Yeezy Boost 350 trainers and tickets to his third Fashion Month show at Madison Square Gardens on February 11th if you can guess what it means. Any takers?!

kanye west tlop Any takers?!


So far, Twitter has been guessing hard.

‘To Live Or Perish’, guessed one user.

‘The Last Original President’, tried another.

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Kanye with Kylie and Kendall at their clothing launch Kanye with Kylie and Kendall at their clothing launch


And then came our favourite: ‘The Love Of Poopfingers’, tried a third.

And let’s just say the Urban Dictionary definition is pretty filth…

We’re going to be guessing ALL DAY. Because who doesn’t want a free pair of Yeezys?!

kanye west north Kanye kicking back with daughter North on Kim’s Instagram account