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Kanye West Just Said Something Amazing About Kim Kardashian

It’s no secret that Kanye West’s foray into the fashion industry has been met with some resistance. But by the sounds of his latest interview live with Lou Stoppard for SHOWStudio, he is not letting anyone rain on his parade.

In the two-hour interview, including questions submitted by wife Kim Kardashian and various other celebs and members of the public, West says there have been two obstacles in particular when it comes to fashion: racism and discrimination for not being gay.

But bearing this and his irrepressible Yeezy clothing success in mind, the rapper-turned-designer said his biggest contribution to the fashion industry has been “taking away the bullying.”

That said, he went on to add that in order for people to take him seriously, he has to call himself a “creative genius.”

“All of my aspirations are things that currently only 60-year-old white people do. So I have to redefine and let people know exactly who I am,” he said.

“And it’s not letting them know by wearing a suit, or letting them know by wearing a Rolex, or letting them know by bragging about how much money a sponsorship made on top of a rap. It’s letting them know by saying, ‘Let’s start with this: I’m a creative genius’. And it’s proven and I will continue to prove it.”


Kanye west kim kardashian Kanye’s relationship with Kim has helped cement his status in the fashion industry

Of course, he couldn’t go without giving wife Kim the recognition she deserves.

“She’s like MTV and NBC and all this combined,” he said.

“And then the entire family! And then you have me and my entire music family! So basically there is no ad you can put in any magazine that could somehow add up to any one of me or my friends or my family just walking on the street and getting photographed.”


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You got that right, Kanye.

He went on to add: “My wife and her family should have had plenty of Emmys by now!”

All in all, there was one quote in particular that stuck with us: “Right now, the highest art form is actually fashion. With music, it’s in question if a song is popular, if that person is really a good artist. In fashion, if someone’s really popular it’s agreed upon that they’re an amazing artist.”

And judging by Kanye’s current position on the fashion horizon, he’s not far off from being exactly that.