Kanye West Wore A Band Tee And Got Dissed By The Band…

It’s like something out of a sartorial nightmare. There you are, walking down the street in your fave Steps: The Reunion band tee and BAM. H & Co. appear and shout, “YOU ARE TOO LAME TO WEAR OUR T-SHIRT.” *shivers*

cradle of filth

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Our worst fashion ‘mare became Kanye’s reality when he trotted out of his pad wearing a Cradle of Filth tee much to the annoyance of CoF…

First things first. Who are Cradle of Filth? For anyone out of the extreme metal circle, CoF are a British band. Their music is described as “gothic”, black metal” and “extreme.”

Kanye was spotted wearing the band’s last week. Is he a fan of the Suffolk group or does he just have a massive collection of random band tees? Either way, his choice of tops was noticed by many, including the band.

Kanye West

Kanye West loves Cradle of Filth?

Unfortunately for Kayne, Cradle (as we now like to call them) weren’t exactly impressed by their apparent new fan.

Quite the contrary. The band took to Facebook to share their, ahem, annoyance.

Posting a picture of West wearing the top, Cradle of Filth wrote below…

“Kanye West. Cradle of Filth fan. Fortunately not a collaborator.”

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What a big bunch of meanies! Maybe it was laundry day and Yeezy had run out of every single other top he has ever owned and therefore HAD to wear that tee?

We think CoF doth protest too much… #secretKanyefans #weareactuallyveryscaredofCoF