The Juicy Couture Beauty And The Beast Collection Is Here To Make All Your Nineties Dreams Come True


Fans of all things nineties and noughties listen up, we have a nostalgia-inducing collaboration just for you.

Ahead of the release of the Beauty And The Beast remake, Disney have teamed up with Juicy Couture for a limited edition collection inspired by the new movie.

Yep, we are of course, talking about Juicy Couture of velour tracksuit fame. Loved by the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney, and on the wish-list of any girl growing up in the nineties and noughties.

If you never managed to get your hands on the much-coveted pieces back then, now is your time to make those childhood dreams a reality.

The limited edition capsule collection includes two hooded jackets – one navy, one yellow – both embellished with Beauty And The Beast motifs created from thousands of Swarovski crystals (5300 and 3300 respectively, to be precise).

Unsurprisingly this amount of bling doesn’t come cheap.

The ‘Stained Glass Rose’ Robertson jacket in ‘midnight blue’ will set you back £572.

While the ‘Beauty Within’ Westwood jacket in ‘beauty yellow’ comes in at £490.

Yep, this is one for the seriously devoted Disney (or Juicy Couture) fan. If not, it might be time to start saving those pennies.

Available via the US Juicy Couture website, the good news is they do ship to the UK. Check out the collection here.

If not, you’ve always got the film to look forward to. Starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, Beauty And The Beast lands in cinemas here in the UK on March 17th.