This Celeb-Approved Baby Brand Is A Real Game Changer

Where to buy Carey Mulligan, Una Foden (read: everyone’s) favourite pram brand…

Cheryl, Beyonce, MIC’s Binky Felstead, Rosie Huntington-Whitely… Just about every celeb filling up our Insta feeds in 2017 is either pregnant or popping a babe out any day now (…depending on when you’re reading this).

But what do the hoity toity tots and mini movers and makers of celeb’ land have in common?

A swanky pram it seems!

Yes siree. The coolest kids on the baby-sized block have all made the same executive decision, convincing their celebrity parents to splash their cash on one set of wheels – and by Amsterdam-based brand Joolz no less.

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The Joolz Geo in Parrot Blue has fast cemented itself as the brand’s #1 bestseller, proudly loved by likes of celeb’ parents Carey Mulligan, Una Foden, Harry Judd – and one assumes their mini-me’s too.

Joolz Geo in Parrot Blue, £699, Joolz

Yours for £799, it’s suited to all terrain be it Rodeo Drive (baby) and/or your nearest park, plus each design is customisable – should you be looking for bonus fash’ points (here’s looking at you Huntington-Whiteley). Bonus – Joolz promise that the packaging your pram will arrive in is in is fully recyclable too – seriously you can make it into bird boxes – looksee!

While Look is pretty sure that Beyonce will bag a Bugaboo (a Bugaboo) because, well, the Destiny’s child jokes write themselves… It looks like the rest of the world is gaga for Joolz.

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To be honest? They had Look HQ at Carey Mulligan.

Whether you’re pregnant and in the market for a pram – or simply treating your daughter/wife/cousin twice removed to a set of wheels – rest assured that this guy has No.1 buy written all over it.

Well, that or your baby’s name, should you choose to customise the handles too…

See, swanky right!?