Why Black Friday At John Lewis Is The Absolute BEST

John Lewis just made your Christmas shopping so much easier on you (and your purse) with its AMAZING Black Friday deals this year.

2016 has seen Black Friday mania grasp the UK like never before, with a more retailers and brands than ever taking part, you can literally get all of your Christmas with major discount.

The one set back of having so many killer Black Friday deals on offer is just that – there are almost TOO many discounts to choose from. Flitting from website to website, you run the risk of missing out on the best price. However, that’s where John Lewis comes to the rescue as they’re price matching everything against all other high street shops!

While the department store may not be rolling out its own discounts, what it IS doing is price-matching every single item out there that they have in stock, which is being discounted by a competing retailer. So, if that camera you wanted from Curry’s is out of stock, John Lewis should be your next port of call as it will have matched the slashed price and it may still have the item in stock. Clever, huh?

And it’s not just electricals that John Lewis have on offer – the high street Mecca is also matching the cut prices of big fashion and beauty brands too. Whether you’re looking for a new handbag for your mum’s Christmas or a perfume for your BFF, now’s your chance to bag them their dream pressies without making you gasp when your next bank statement rolls in.

However, in the spirit of giving, be sure to treat yourself to something too. Maybe it’s that pretty party dress you’ve been eyeing up over the past couple of weeks, or perhaps it’s some new make-up for NYE – either way, with all those savings you’ll be making on the rest of your purchases, it’d be rude NOT to treat yourself…

Go on, get over to John Lewis now to bag yourself some amazing Black Friday deals. You know you’ll regret it if you don’t!

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