Johannes Huebl – Nine Reasons We Love Olivia Palermo’s Husband

1. He is absolutely gorgeous. We don’t think we could love those dimples any more.

> Johannes Huebl is one of the best looking men on the planet.

2. He is almost as well dressed as his fashionista wife. Whether suiting up for a show or rocking a casual white tee at the weekend, this is one model who knows his Gucci from his Tom Ford.

> Johannes Huebl showing all other men how to wear a suit.

> Johannes Huebl’s off-duty look is pretty killer.


3. He is definitely an ‘It’ male model. Up there with David Gandy as one of the most famous male models on planet Earth, Johannes has definitely succeeded in conquering the world of fashion.

> Johannes Huebl in his Salvatorre Ferragamo campaign.

4. But, he doesn’t take his male model persona too seriously, proved by the time he had a Blue Steel-off with Derek Zoolander at the Valentino couture show.

> Johannes Huebl and Ben Stiller at the Valentino couture show.

5. With the exception of him and Olivia, Johannes and his pet pup, Mr Butler make maybe the cutest pairing ever.

> Johannes Huebl and his dog, Mr Butler having a cuddle.

6. Not just a pretty face, he is also a keen photographer, always posting pics of amazing views like this New York City skyline and since he travels so much for his glamorous job, his Instagram account is a pretty interesting one to follow if you like a nice landscape.

> One of Johannes Huebl’s arty landscape shots.

7. He’s got some pretty epic fashion pals, including Mario Testoni and Valentino.

> Johannes Huebl and Mario Testino.

> Johannes Huebl with Valentino.

8. Anyone who buys his wife a bouquet of flowers quite like this is on our dreamboat list. Seriously, that vase!

> Olivia Palermo looking pretty happy with her birthday flowers.

9. He is totally devoted to his wife and is the biggest sweetheart on Instagram. Every Sunday he posts a snap of him and Olivia – whether they are together or apart – captioning it simply, ‘Sundays’. We’ll leave you with some of these. Get ready for your hearts to melt. Unless of course you easily cringe, in which case, look away now!

> Johannes Huebl and OIivia Palermo having a smooch in the rain.

> Johannes Huebl and Olivia Palermo moving their snuggles inside on this particular Sunday.

> They weren’t together for this Sunday, so a little photoshopping was necessary, complete with handy annotations.

> OK you two can stop now.

Have you ever seen so many adorable photos of one couple cuddling? Olivia Palermo is one very lucky lady!

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By Amy de Klerk