Jennifer Lopez Spills All Her Fitness Secrets

Instagram: @jlo

It’s no secret, Jennifer Lopez looks absolutely incredible.

Factor in her age, the fact that she’s a Mother of two AND her superstar schedule, and you can see why we were starting to believe this lady had access to some sort of unknown, miracle Fountain Of Youth.

But now, she’s answering all of our prayers, by sharing her health tips and youthful secrets in an interview with SELF Magazine. Not sure about you, but we’re taking notes.

The singer, movie star and dancer – phew, we’re tired already! – says that she always gets her solid eight hours kip; “I’m in bed between 11:30 and 12:30 unless I’m pulling an all-nighter or on a night shoot.”

J-Lo has revealed herself as the new face of BodyLab, where she will be offering a new fitness program for women. This project will include healthy food and smoothie recipes, health tips and excercise regimes. Can we sign up now?

She goes on to admit, “I still consider myself a dancer first and foremost… Well, after being a mother, of course.” 

Well that sure explains her body, which is displayed in all its glory and perfection in her cover shoot.

Dressed all in white, the Latina strikes some serious poses with the aid of a trapeze bar. Displaying her famous Abs in a super-cropped top and pulling her hair back into a tight top knot, flashing her enviable, angular cheek bones, these shots define sporty chic. 

We are well and truly motivated for the obligatory January gym membership.

Oh, Jen. We want some of what you’re having.

Written by Laura Jane Turner