Jennifer Lawrence On The REAL Reason Behind Her Oscars Fall

Everyone dreads falling in public, so imagine what it’d be like to take a tumble in front of the world’s biggest stars, with the entire world watching. We need not remind you that that’s exactly what happened to Jennifer Lawrence as she made her way onto the Oscars stage back in the 2013 ceremony to accept her award for Best Actress in Silver Linings Playbook, so we can’t blame her for wanting to completely block out that cringe-worthy moment from her memory.

However, sitting alongside Eddie Redmayne on The Graham Norton Show on New Year’s Eve, the Hunger Games actress relived the mortifying incident and actually went on to explain why she thinks the fall occurred in the first place. Do tell, J-Law…


Speaking of the night of the win, she dubbed the entire ordeal ‘a complete disaster’ that she pegs down to a birth control mishap. That’s right, even A-listers hormones are all over the shop when they’re on the pill or such like.

However, her fall on the Oscars stairs was just the start of the drama. Jennifer went on to dispel that, in her fluster, she forgot to thank David O. Russell, the very director who she worked with on the Oscar-winning flick. Awks.

Later that night, things continued to go downhill for the star when she and her friend ordered thick – not thin – crust pizza. The horror.

Although, we’re sure J-Law would agree, that any pizza is better than no pizza. What a gal…


Check out Jennifer’s hilarious interview on Graham Norton for yourselves below: