Jennifer Lawrence Is A Lady In Red At The Golden Globes

Something of a style icon when it comes to the red carpet, we couldn’t wait to see what Jennifer Lawrence was going to be rocking to last night’s Golden Globes

And sure enough, she didn’t disappoint. 

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Whilst it was a safe bet that the Joy star would opt for her go-to designer, Dior, we didn’t quite expect to see such a bold number. The scarlett red perfectly complimented J-Law’s icy cropped haircut, which she’d pulled back for the ultimate statement.

Top marks, Lawrence. 


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Swooping her third Golden Globe, the 25-year-old picked up Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture for her role in Joy.

And it seems that one star in particular is a big fan of her work in this film, as Katy Perry was quick to gush about it to the cameras.

Whilst speaking to Ryan Seacrest on the E! Live From the Red Carpet show, Katy was recalling a tweet she had posted about her obsession with J-Law’s character in Joy.

It just so happened that the blonde starlet was only five feet away. Amazing.  

In a candid and heartfelt moment, Jennifer and Katy were introduced to each other, and Katy acted in the way that we can only imagine that we would; almost shyly. Even the stars can fangirl, guys.  



In a sweet exchange, Katy was quick to spill the details about how she’d seen the film: ‘I saw it alone, by myself in Santa Barbara. In my Victoria’s Secret pink sweats…’

Jennifer looked concerned, wittily cutting in, ‘This is a sad story.’

Katy powered on, telling her how the film had inspired her. The Roar singer gushed, ‘I was like, ‘I can make it in the world!’

She finished, ‘You inspired me!’

Jennifer said simply, ‘Oh, honey, you’ve already made it.’