Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult Are Back Together

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are back together again. Yep, really. 

When we mean back together, we mean in the same room and posing for super cute selfies. Which is nearly as good as announcing that they’re back together in the romantic way. Because who knew exes could still get on so well!?

The A-list couple broke up back in January 2013 after two years together, causing much sniffing and cries of ‘whyyyyy’ from over here at LOOK HQ.

Now, Jen is rumoured to be seeing Coldplay’s Chris Martin, but none of that means a thing now we can see Jen and Nick getting cosy on Instagram.

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult dated for two years back in 2012


The pair are back together filming X-Men: Apocalypse, and director Bryan Singer confirmed the reunion of the former lovers when he posted a selfie picture of himself with Jennifer and Nicholas, writing: ‘Kids in the hall.’

The Hunger Games actress looked fresh-faced and happy working a messy ponytail and a grey hoodie, whilst About A Boy star Nick looked casual in a grey shirt.

The two stars will be reprising their respective roles in the new X Men flick, which is said to be the third and last film that they will appear in together. Better make the most of that downtime, guys…

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicolas Hoult on set of original x men film Jennifer Lawrence and Nicolas Hoult first hooked up whilst filming the original X Men film


We know they’ve probably both moved on. But there’s something about these smiley happy exes having a jolly old time together on set that just makes us feel warm and tingly inside.

Jen and Nick did first hook up on the set of the original X-Men film, so could their return to set mean a return to romance, too?

Because let’s not forget that time when Jen said this of her beau (and made us all weep): ‘He is honestly my best friend, and hopefully I’m his best friend too. He’s my favourite person to be around and he makes me laugh harder than anybody.’