Jennifer Aniston’s Latest Outfit Has Divided Fans

Jennifer Aniston is quite possibly the only A-lister who could wear a bin bag and look fabulous doing it.

Besides looking her usual flawless self, though, Jen An’s latest outfit has us talking for another reason: her nips.

Yep, yesterday the star stepped out in New York sporting a slinky LBD, barely-there sandals and aviator shades, but it was her nip-nips that stole the show.

This leaves us with one very important debate on our hands: bra or no bra?

> Jennifer Aniston went braless as she stepped out in New York yesterday



Giselle Wainwright, Features & Entertainment Editor is totally against the idea:

“Bra-less? No chance! I love Jen’s bravery but it’s not a look for me. Ever. Obviously, my bias comes from the fact that my boobs are about five sizes larger than Jen’s but I can’t help but think the average woman (the national average bra size is a 36D, FYI) would agree with me. Without a bra I feel less, er, together. Plus, it stretches out my clothes in all the wrongways. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll fling mine off the moment I hit the sofa at the end of a long day but being bra-less is an indoor activity if you ask me. Sorry Jen.” She said.


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Olivia Foster, Deputy Features Editor, on the other hand, is all for letting your tatas run free:

“I’m with Jen An, going bra-less is great! I often find bras are restrictive and, at times, downright uncomfortable, tops hang better without them and I feel way sexier. And, let’s be honest, time and gravity will one day take hold and it simply won’t be an option any more – my boobs might be perky now but by the time I’m 47, like Jen, I’m not sure they’ll be looking quite as good as hers – so they may as well be free while they can. The only time I wouldn’t dare to ditch is at work, Sally from accounts definitely doesn’t need to see the outline of my nipples now, does she?”

What do you think? Will you follow Jen’s braless lead?