Did You Miss The Rachel And Monica Imposters In Friends?


Here at LOOK HQ we’re not afraid to admit we are totally obsessed with Friends, which is why we were so shocked to realise we had missed something as huge as a Jennifer Aniston replacement.

Yep, without us even noticing, Rachel Green is played by someone other than Jennifer Aniston in Episode 15 – “The One With The Mugging” – of Season 9. No, we’re not kidding. It’s the episode where Ross realises that it was Phoebe who mugged him in Central Park all those years ago, and Jeff Goldblum makes a cameo appearance as a director working alongside Joey.


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But no matter how much was going on elsewhere, we can’t even make the excuse that we were so distracted by everything else going on, because the change happened just two minutes into the show. Take a look at the first picture.





It’s Joey with the real Rachel right behind him in Monica’s apartment.

But now..






After Joey goes to sit down at the table with Monica and the frame changes, Jennifer Aniston is gone and in her place stands a completely different woman with shorter brown hair and a different top. Okay, so you can barely see her, but we still can’t believe it.

On top of that, we just got wind that in “The One With Rachel’s Date” (Season 8, Episode 5, approximately six minutes and 20 seconds in), Monica is also replaced by a stand-in. Watch..






As the shot changes, Monica is replaced by a totally different character.





There’s many a reason they could have been replaced – stand-ins are often recruited when the pros aren’t available for filming, but said scenes are usually cut and edited so that only the real characters make it to the final scene.   

Whatever the reason, though, we are still speechless that our endless sofa-bound Friends binges have basically amounted to nothing. In fact, we feel a little ashamed.

What about you? Were you really paying attention? Or were you away with the fairies like us?