Is Someone Unexpected Joining Made In Chelsea?

Um. Are we about to get a VERY unexpected addition to the Made In Chelsea cast?

Gemma Collins quit TOWIE yesterday to ‘move on to new projects’ – and now it’s been rumoured that she’ll jump ship to its rival show. Whaaaat?!

But MIC‘s Jamie Laing has now rubbished this, telling the Mirror Online: ‘The great thing about our show is that we’ve all known each other for so long.

‘We’ve grown up with each other. So we won’t just invite anyone to join. We are one big happy family so unfortunately, I don’t think this would ever happen.

‘But I don’t think Gemma would want to be on Made In Chelsea anyway. She’d hate it!’

> It looks like Gemma Collins *won’t* be joining Made In Chelsea


Made In Chelsea LA episode 2 did NOT disappoint on Monday night.

First, we saw Steph and Josh’s split in full, with best friend Lucy Watson summing up the whole messy and heartbreaking situation perfectly.

‘He’s got a little bit of attention and he thinks he’s the f****** king. It’s embarrassing. His ego is a shocker’, she said of Josh, who cruelly ditched Steph with no explanation. YES, Lucy.

> Jamie Laing takes LA girl Naz on a date to see Paper Towns


Things between Binky and JB got complicated after she got a little bit drunk and jealous and accused him of flirting with other girls, and Alex got a manly pedicure. Yep.

But perhaps the highlight of the episode was Jamie Laing going on ‘the best date EVER’ with LA hotty Naz, by taking her to a private film screening in Hollywood.

> Oh hi there, Cara!


Cara Delevingne ended up making a surprise cameo as the pair watched a preview of her new film Paper Towns, with Jamie giving a great commentary of Cara’s character along the way.

Cara on MIC? Who would have thought!

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> Thoughts on Alik’s new ‘tache?



So what can else we expect from the new series? Well, we’ve got big news. Ollie Locke is back. Gabriella is back. And Alik Alfus now has a moustache.

On top of that, Louise Thompson has been spilling about what really goes on behind the scenes of the show.

> Louise Thompson has been spilling MIC’s secrets


While we love seeing our favourite MICers interact with new characters, the 25-year-old has revealed that it’s not always so much fun for the recent additions.

She tells the Irish Mirror: ‘It’s tough joining a show like ours when you’re a new girl because you’ve all the oldies checking you out and giving you the eye.

‘I’d like to think that I’m quite welcoming but not everyone is easy to get along with and people can be quite judgemental. That’s all becoming a little better and everyone seems to be getting on pretty well.’

> Made In Chelsea LA will hit E4 on August 10th


Phew! When it comes to her own storylines, Louise is majorly loved-up with her boyf Alik Alfus. In fact, she’s very keen to clear up any speculation that she’s still in contact with certain exes.

Remember her rumoured fling with One Direction’s Niall Horan?! (SO random). Well, she’s confirmed that she’s definitely no longer pals with him. We bet Alik is pleased.

We’ve already seen the SW3 gang living it up Stateside via their glamorous Instagram pictures, but the trailer gives us a real glimpse into the tantrums and fall-outs to come.

The trailer kicks off with Jamie Laing announcing pool parties and having a good old flirt with a cute brunette LA lady (of course it does). But it seems there’s trouble in paradise between him and on/off lover Jess Woodley, as she’s seen asking him: ‘Why are you being like this?’ Uh oh.


> Stephanie Pratt is seen getting teary with boyfriend Josh in the new trailer


Binky Felstead and JB are seen having a ‘huge fight’, but most dramatically of all, it looks like we finally get an inkling as to what on earth happened between Stephanie Pratt and Josh.

The trailer closes on an emotional-looking Steph pleading with her boyfriend in a teary confrontation, wheere she accuses him of not wanting to be in a relationship. 

‘I loved you so much’, she says. ‘It’s so clear you want to be single.’ Oh Josh, what did you DO?!

> Steph accuses Josh of ‘wanting to be single’. Noooo!


Explosive trailer aside, there’s another huge reason why we’re too excited for Made In Chelsea LA to kick off. Because only flippin’ Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag might be making a cameo! Yep, SPEIDI. We can barely contain our excitement.

It looks pretty certain that the couple will be making an appearance on the show – they’ve been spotted filming with MICers Stephanie Pratt and Lucy Watson.


It also makes total sense that they’d show their faces while the cast are Stateside. Spencer is Steph’s older brother and the pair came to fame on the American equivalent The Hills.

They’re also pretty well-known in the UK, having been contestants on Celebrity Big Brother in 2013.

> Spencer and Heidi Pratt appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2013


The addition of Heidi and Spencer isn’t the only MIC cast change this season.

Andy Jordan’s confirmed he’s leaving, Ollie Locke is rumoured to be returning and this week ANOTHER MIC original hinted that she may make a comeback.

Remember Gabriella Ellis? The brunette songstress who first blasted her way on to our screens as Ollie’s girlfriend back in the reality show’s first season?

Well. She’s still working on her singing career, although she’s changed her name to London (yep, really) and dyed her hair an AH-mazing shade of blue. And she’s just moved to LA. Ooh.

> What COULD this photo of Gabriella Ellis mean?


She recently captioned a snap of herself in La-La Land: ‘My new Forever home… Always #love #losangeles #happiness #happinessis #homesweethome #homeiswheretheheartis #madeinla.’

And guess where she’s standing in that photo? Underneath a sign that says… ‘Made In LA.’ Very interesting.

> Gabriella Ellis is reunited with her ex Ollie Locke


Gabriella has also been hanging out with some of our favourite MICers. Not only did she post a picture of herself with Ollie, she’s also spent time with Binky Felstead and Lucy Watson.

> Gabriella Ellis has been hanging out with Binky Felstead and Lucy Watson


Could this mean she’ll make an appearance?!

Aside from this, Jamie has revealed some *very* exciting gossip from the new series.

So what HAS been going on over the pond?

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Well for starters, Jamie’s romance with new girl Jess Woodley has well and truly fizzled out.

He tells MailOnline: ‘I think she is lovely. We left it on good terms, but it’s obviously difficult. We’re all in LA, having a great time, so things are tricky… as they always are in MIC!

> Jamie Laing and Jess Woodley are apparently not a thing. Boo


‘We’re two commitment-phobes, so coming together is probably not the best idea. Relationships are tough and scary, but at the same time I do want a girlfriend badly.’

Despite being so keen to find a lady, there’s one person Jamie confirms he definitely ISN’T seeing.

The 26-year-old was recently spotted on a dog walking date with Louis Tomlinson’s ex Eleanor Calder – but he insists there’s ‘nothing romantic’ between them.

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‘She’s just a friend, she’s a great girl,’ says Jamie.

> Jamie Laing is just pals with Louis Tomlinson’s ex Eleanor Calder


When it comes to couples, Jamie has some pretty strong opinions on some of MIC‘s most famous ones.

Spencer Matthews and Lauren Hutton were seen going through a rocky patch at the end of the last season when he admitted to cheating.

Despite being one of Spencer’s BFFs, Jamie isn’t afraid to say what he really thinks of the 26-year-old’s boyfriend credentials.

> Lauren Hutton forgave Spencer Matthews for being unfaithful


‘Spenny is never too far away from cheating. He’s just bad, he’s a very naughty boy!’ he jokes.

‘He actually didn’t sleep with the girl, he only kissed her though, so it’s an improvement.

‘Relationships are such a personal thing. You can’t tell someone not to fall out of love. You have to let them do it themselves. If she wants to go back, let her do it – and if it happens again, it happens again.’

Luckily, he has a much more positive outlook on Louise’s long-distance romance with New Yorker Alik, who’s now left the UK to focus on his business in the US.

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> Louise Thomson and Alik Alfus are still going strong


‘I honestly think they’re going to get married. He’s an amazing influence on her, she’s great for him,’ he gushes.

‘They’re my favourite couple in the world. Louise has had so much s**t happen to her, it’s nice she’s found such a good guy.’