It’s Time To Join Sienna Miller’s New Shoe Obsession

Photos: Rex

She might be one of the best-dressed women on the planet, but style maven Sienna Miller has been shocking us all with her recent fashion choices by wearing the same pair of shoes for the past three days!

On Monday, she finished off her gorgeous workwear-inspired outfit with this amazing pair of Pierre Hardy sandals. On Tuesday, her gorgeous knitted Celine dress was completed with the chunky black sandals and then come Wednesday, she still wasn’t ready to take them off. The actress was interviewed on the Today show in New York City and plumped for a shirt jumper combo and a stunning khaki skirt. What did she wear on her feet? You guessed it, the same heeled black sandals.

Sienna has clearly fallen head over heels in love with this pair of gorgeous shoes. Despite probably having a wardrobe bigger than many of us could even dream, the actress just can’t shake her addiction to these particular sandals. And we can see why!

As expertly demonstrated by Sienna, you can see that these are the most versatile sandals in the business. Perfect with wide-legged trousers (Sienna day one), evening-appropriate dresses (Sienna day two) and cute pencil skirts (take three), there is no event you couldn’t take these guys to!

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By Amy de Klerk