Is This Topshop’s Hottest Jewellery Collaboration Yet?

Topshop’s in-house jewellery collection Freedom have collaborated with two top bloggers to create their latest (and coolest) collection. Enlisting two accessories-obsessed bloggers from opposite sides of the globe, the new Freedom Found: The Istanbul Collection is inspired by unique jewellery designs found in trinket shops and flea markets across the world.

Scouring the souks of Istanbul for its treasures, New York bloggers Danielle Bernstein of and London-based Parisian Camille Charriere of were charged with finding original pieces which the Toppers team back in London could then translate into the latest Freedom collection. And it’s not half bad.


Embracing the rich variety of Istanbul’s metalwork, Danielle chose etched chain bracelets with traditional motifs and crafted pendant necklaces that make a statement with any outfit. Talking about her collection, Danielle said, ‘My focus was on finding more unique, vintage pieces that really stood out. This is for the girl who loves to accessorise and is not afraid to take risks.’

Changing it up, chic Parisian Camille chose pieces in tune with her timeless style. Fine gold bracelets and slim strings of pearls form the base of her contemporary collection marrying the character of an artisan’s work with modern details. So what did the blogger turned designer have to say about her work? ‘I wanted to find jewellery that could be worn with anything and suited my sense of style; simple, chic but with a bit of an edge.’


A new statement jewellery collection that’s super affordable and stylish? Sign us up.

Available in Topshop stores from tomorrow with prices starting from £5, we can’t wait to get our hands on the whole collection. We’re sensing an instant hit of Instagram envy coming our way…

By George Driver