Is This The REAL Reason Cara’s Skipped Fashion Week?

Here at Look HQ we’ve had one big question over fashion month that we just can’t get off our minds- where’s Cara?!

Apart from a few rare appearances on the FROW at Burberry and Topshop Unique, the supermodel and actress has gone completely MIA with a total runway Cara count of 0. 

So when we clapped eyes on Cara’s latest addition to her Instagram account, and saw a suspiciously similar pic appear on Beyonce’s, we were more than a little bit excited. 

Both Beyonce and Cara posted pics of their hand on the same audio mixer in a recording studio so, unless our eyes deceive us, we have a feeling a Cara/Beyonce collab might be on the cards. Eeeeeek! 

Queen B meets Cara D? This might be the most exciting news we’ve ever heard. EVER.

Watch this space for what’s bound to be 2015’s hottest tune…

Beyonce shared a pic of her hand on the same sound desk Beyonce shared a pic of her hand on the same sound desk

By George Driver