Is This Pair Of Gucci Shoes An Early April Fools’ Joke?

The internet has been, er, reacting to a pair of Gucci shoes that are confusing us all, to say the least...

As you may have noticed, pretty much all of us in the LOOK office are more than mildly obsessed with Gucci. Ever since Alessandro Michele took the helm, we’ve taken all the ruffles, sequins and ironic spectacles he could throw at us- and gladly, too, we might add. But even we weren’t sure how to handle this Gucci buy, which is currently the talk of the town internet.

Behold! The ‘Sock Sandals’: a pair of Gucci shoes that still have us wondering whether Gucci has jumped on the April Fools’ Day bandwagon a little early this year. This very bizarre buy, featuring a kind of latex ‘sock’ inside a patent red sandal, is available for pre-order on Nordstrom right now, for a staggering £1,013.07.

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As soon as they appeared on site, many took to Twitter to express their confusion, incredulity and, well, horror:


As Twitter user @aILISTENc pointed out, however, the most hilarious feedback could be found in Nordstrom’s reviews section:

We can’t say we actually remember these on the runway- we were probably too distracted by the fashion theatre happening on top (you know, bonkers hats and the like). Given that we genuinely thought this could be a prank, however, we naturally did some research and as a result, we can confirm that these are a real Gucci design.

Gucci sock sandals

Yep, here they are on the catwalk in all their glory. Oh, Alessandro. The thing is, however ridiculous we may find these latex hybrids, you’ve got to hand it to Michele: the man’s a bloody genius. Taking on such a storied fashion label is never easy, but Michele has made it look darn near effortless, revolutionising Gucci’s entire aesthetic, replacing that archetypal Italian sex appeal with something cooler and more androgynous.

With that in mind, we wouldn’t be surprised if these Sock Sandals were a sell-out, despite the eye-watering price tag. After all, this is the designer who made furry, backless loafers one of the most desirable shoes of last year.