Is The Victoria Beckham Kids Line Already Happening?

Victoria Beckham might have some exciting news to announce soon, if her latest Instagram picture is anything to go by…

The 41-year-old designer shared a photo of her working away in her design studio, which is nothing unusual in itself. But if you take a closer peek at the mannequins, there’s a very exciting clue there.

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> Victoria Beckham Instagrammed a photo of a child-sized mannequin earlier today


Captioning the snap: ‘Mummy and me at work x vb’, Victoria clearly showed a normal sized mannequin next to a teeny tiny baby one. And it got us seriously psyched.

The former Spice Girl has said in the past that she would love to design a kids’ clothing line, saying back in 2013 that she saw it happening in the ‘not-so-distant future.’ 

Speaking to Vogue, she said: ‘At some point I would love to do that, but having kids there’s so much to do. Working and having four kids is tough, but I will get there.’ 

> If Victoria Beckham is designing a kids’ clothing line, we can’t wait to see Harper modelling it…


‘At some point I’d definitely love to – there’s a lot of things to do but if you organise yourself in the right way you can get it all done.’

And now, we suspect it MAY already be happening. We mean, what other explanation is there to that child-size mannequin chilling in her studio? Eeeeek! 

Harper Beckham’s already one of the best-dressed tots in showbiz, so if this is happening, we can only imagine how stylish she’s going to look whilst modelling her mummy’s wares. 

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> Victoria Beckham shows off her hot pink Nike Air kicks


VB also gave us an insight into the sportier side of her wardrobe this week on Instagram, flaunting her hot pink Nike trainers for all to see.

‘Sun is shining London! X vb’, she wrote. Come on VB, show us the full outfit!