Is That Really What’s Inside Blake Lively’s Handbag?!

There’s nothing like taking a peek into a lady’s handbag to really get a feel for what they’re about. And Blake Lively‘s allowed us just that with her latest Instagram snap.

At first glance, there’s all of the typical handbag essentials of a modern, mega glam Hollywood starlet – Gucci sunglasses, silk Burberry scarf, a pretty SS15 lookbook, a block of posh dark chocolate… 

But then, what’s this? A RUBBER NIPPLE?! Yes, yes it is. It seems being a brand new mum is just as (un)glamorous when you’re an A-lister, but props to Blake for keeping that one in the snap.

> Blake Lively is the epitome of glamourous, both on and off the red carpet


‘I never knew how revealing my purse was until @allure_magazine asked me to dump it out for them! Drawings for @lindseythornburg spring exclusives for @preserve_us, @askinosiechocolate, @gucci glasses. @chanelofficial purse, @burberry scarf, and of course a rubber nipple …which is the obvious next item in that list #exposed’, Blake captioned the image. LOL.

In other news, Penn Badgley (who dated Blake from 2007 – 2010) has been spilling all about what it’s really like to kiss the blonde bombshell whilst discussing his former Gossip Girl days.

Asked about his best and worst on-screen kisses on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday, Penn said: ‘It’s hard to say. On-screen kisses are not really that real.’ 

> Blake Lively and her Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley dated for three years back in 2007


‘I’d say best, I’ll say it was Blake, because we actually had a relationship at the time’, he continued. “And then the worst? Maybe Blake after we broke up.’ 

The pair had two work together for two more years as our favourite TV couple, Dan and Serena, after their real life split. Eesh. As awkward ex situations go, that has to be one of the worst. 

‘We were consummately professional’, Penn said about the situation. ‘And I think we should both pat ourselves on the back for getting through it.’ Us too, Lonely Boy!