Is Prince Harry Going To Be a Hollywood Star?

Tom Cruise confirmed last month that he will be starring in the sequel to his 1986 box office hit, Top Gun. This was pretty exciting news all on its own, but it just got better as today a spokesperson for the movie has confirmed that Tom (that’s Maverick to all you TG fans) would love Prince Harry to make a cameo appearance in the film. Yes, you read that right- our very own Prince Harry!

An American casting agent reportedly told the Daily Star “Tom has thrown his offer out to his team to hit up Buckingham Palace get Prince Harry. He doesn’t want Harry as a casting gimmick, but someone who offers real experience and knowledge of flying in combat.”

We can only hope that this news turns out to be true. But in the meantime, here are some films we’d love to see get the Harry treatment. If his Hollywood career does take off (pun intended) that is…

When Harry Met Sally – Again

> We wonder who would be cast as Harry’s love interest?

Our fave 80’s rom-com would get a royal rework and we would see Harry fall in love, minus the massive hair, roll necks and power shoulder pads.

Three Men and A Royal Baby

Who didn’t love these films back in the day? We’re picturing Harry as a hapless babysitter to his niece and nephew. What could go wrong?

Step Up – The Royal Dance Off

> We would love to see Channing and harry battle out their dance moves.

We can imagine that Harry knows how to bust a move or two on the dance floor. Just imagine him battling it out against Channing Tatum with his palace crew out on the mean London streets…

The Hangover Part 5

This is less of a stretch than the others; remember that trip to Vegas? Yep, Harry’s already got this one sorted… 

Fingers crossed for Prince Harry in Hollywood!