Is Kylie Jenner Going To Put Kim Kardashian On A Clothes Ban?

Has Kim Kardashian been stealing Kylie Jenner’s vibe? Kylie seems to think so. 

The 17-year-old has admitted that she thinks her half-sister has been copying her in the style and beauty stakes – and she’s not overly happy about it.

> The sisters styles are strikingly similar


In an unseen clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie is seen moaning to Kourtney that Kim has been taking a bit too many style tips from her.

‘She wants to do everything that I’m doing,’ the reality TV star is seen saying. ‘I really feel that Kim is cramping my style. I feel like style wise we take things from each other.’

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> Kim Kardashian admitted that her cut was inspired by sister Kylie’s cool hair


This is no secret. Over the past six months, Kylie has slowly been evolving her fashion sense, working more and more sexy skintight Kimmy K style combos.

But on the flipside, Kim’s also admitted she sees Kylie as somewhat of a style icon. When she got her hair cut short over Paris Fashion Week, Kim told MTV News:

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> Kylie Jenner also says Kim copied her short hair by having her own cut


‘I think I wanted a change and Kylie inspires me a lot. Kylie used to have her hair like this and then she went long, so I just felt I needed to switch it up a little.’

And this didn’t go unnoticed by Kylie.

> Kim Kardashian has also admitted to raiding sister Kylie Jenner’s wardrobe


‘Now she has short hair, I have short hair with a weave right now,’ Kylie said. ‘I don’t know, maybe she just wants to do everything that I’m doing.’

Still, rather than straight out jealousy, it seems the raven haired beauty is actually a little in awe of her older sis, previously calling ‘Kim and Kanye’ her biggest style inspirations.

> It works both ways! Kylie Jenner has also been morphing into a Kimmy K mini-me


‘I did this desert photo shoot and she did a desert photo shoot’, Kylie said. ‘She takes everything and does it way cooler.’

Ever the peacemaker, Kourt had some wise words of advice. ‘Why don’t you tell her that she’s bothering you?’

> Kylie Jenner reckons Kim Kardashian stole her desert shoot idea


‘Or maybe she doesn’t have any cool ideas so you should be flattered because she thinks that you are so cool. She definitely does,’ she added. 

Kylie does have a point. The mum-of-one recently shared throwback selfie on her Instagram account with the caption: ‘I steal clothes from Kylie’s closet!’

Sounds like like the love does go both ways. And imitation is the best form of flattery, eh Kylie?