Is Kim Kardashian Stealing Kylie Jenner’s USP?

>instagram" class="imagecache-scaled_620px_wide" src="" title="Kim Kardashian recently shared a selfie working over-lined lips like her sister Kylie Jenner loves"> Kim Kardashian recently shared a selfie working over-lined lips like her sister Kylie Jenner loves


Once upon a time, Kylie and Kendall were joined at the hip. But now, it’s ALL about Kylie and Kim Kardashian‘s love-in.

Remember yesterday, when we told you that Kylie Jenner had admitted she actively copies her half sister Kim’s outfits when she wants to get glammed up?

During a chat with InStyle at their special Nip+Fab tea event, she explained which members of her family have influenced her wardrobe the most. ‘Style-wise I think I’m like Khloe during my down days’, she said. ‘And Kim if I’m dressing up.’

> Kylie Jenner’s made a name for herself via her plumped up pout, which she regularly showcases on Instagram


And we saw the evidence in her outfit for the day, as the 17-year-old opted for a sheer body-stocking style top with a black lace-detail bra underneath, emphasising her curves with a pair of high-waisted slim trousers, ruched in at the leg. Nearly identical to Kim’s final outfit from Paris Fashion Week.

And now, Kim has returned the favour – by totally stealing Kylie’s #1 beauty look.

> Kim Kardashian has admitted that she used Kylie’s fashion advice when pregnant to keep her looking ‘cool’


In a brand new selfie, the 34-year-old mum-of-one looks spookily like her 17-year-old sibling as she mimicks Kylie’s love of lip liner as she stares into the lens in an extreme close-up, all sultry kohl-lined Bambi eyes and massively exagerrated, over-lined pout.

‘New Avi Alert #LipLinerOnFleek’, she wrote beside the snap. It’s pretty spot on.

It’s not the first time she’s looked to Kylie for inspiration, either. After getting her hair cut short earlier this year, Kim admitted that she’d been inspired by KJ, who is constantly freshening up her look. 

> Kylie Jenner has revealed that she steals Kim Kardashian’s style tips when she wants to go glam


‘I think I wanted a change and Kylie inspires me a lot’, she told MTV News at the time. ‘Kylie used to have her hair like this and then she went long, so I just felt I needed to switch it up a little.’

During her pregnancy, Kim also admitted she used to ask for her teenage sister’s opinion on her outfit to make sure she looked ‘cool.’

So it looks like the love goes both ways! Oh, you guys…