Is Kim Kardashian Regretting Her Blonde Hair?

After being a platinum blonde for just a week, Kim Kardashian‘s come out and stated that she will always be a brunette at heart.

The 34-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been speaking to US Weekly about how and where her surprise dye job occured, as we also found out how much her blonde-over cost her.

Kim got her new hue courtesy of celebrity colourist Lori Goddard, with her first round of highlights totalling a cool £330. It took Lori around four hours to put a Material Girl tint onto Kim’s dark brown locks, and the whole thing took place at Kim and Kanye West’s California home. 

> Kim Kardashian first debuted her new ice blonde locks at Paris Fashion Week


Just a few days later at Paris Fashion Week, however, Kanye decided it was time for a re-dye, so the pair hurried to L’Atelier Blanc where Frédéric Mennetrier ‘fully got the color right’ and made her even more platinum.

‘I’m like, “Don’t make me fly out to Paris every time I need to color my hair”‘, Kim laughed to the magazine.

But while the mum-of-one is clearly loving her shocking new hue at the moment, we don’t see it being a forever shade for the reality TV star. ‘Dark is my natural colour,’ she admitted. ‘Being brunette is who I am.’ Eesh. Do we sense a tiny bit of regret, perhaps?

> Kim Kardashian has had one touch-up in Paris since getting her hair dyed platinum blonde


In fact, it’s a surprise Kim even went so blonde, considering her 2011 interview in which she told InStyle Hair that she could never stray from her brunette roots.

‘I wish I could have platinum blond hair like Gwen Stefani, but it wouldn’t work on me’, she said at the time. 

Oh, how wrong you were, Kimmy K!