The #iPhoneKnees Challenge Is Actually A Thing

We thought the world had gone totally bonkers when the #A4Waist challenge went viral a few weeks back, but now things have gotten really, REALLY out of control. Enter #iPhoneKnees.

Much akin with the #A4Waist challenge in which thousands of women from China took to Twitter and Instagram to share photos of themselves measuring their waists in comparison to pieces of A4 paper (yes, really), this one involves women holding their iPhones against their knees to show how skinny they are.

We KNOW. Luckily, the trend hasn’t quite crossed the pond yet, but women from China have actually made it a thing after sharing their photos all over Sina Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter.

The news originally came to light on Friday aka April Fools’ Day, so we thought we’d wait for it all to blow over (ref: Shaun Of The Dead) and see if it was actually a real thing.



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And, as depressing as it may be, it looks like the #iPhoneKnee challenge is no April Fools joke.

The challenge has been reported on internationally and, despite the fact we’re unable to access Sina Weibo and see for ourselves, we’d like to think someone would retract their statement should it have been a joke. 

Sure enough, measuring your knees against an iPhone is totally irrelevant to your size or shape. Dr Bedford of New York Orthopedics told Teen Vogue: “The knees are bone and cartilage, and those are fixed size, so there’s not much to do to change the knee’s size.

“You can be very healthy with diet and exercise, but your knees will probably be bigger than an iPhone 6.”

Preach. Here’s to hoping this goes no further.