These Women Just Got Banned From Using Mobile Phones

Imagine a life WITHOUT mobile phones. Totally out of the question, right? Well, for young girls in India, this is about to become a reality.

Yep, the village of Suraj in Gujarat has banned the use of mobile phones by all teenage girls and unmarried women.


Apparently, the move comes as natives believe that social media can essentially, cause women to become more promiscuous since men and women can exchange picture messages and videos with each other more easily. As well as that, they believe that it can also affect their performance at school.

The village’s community leader Raikarnji Thakor told the Hindustan Times that “young girls can get misguided” and thus “break families and relationships.”

Village head Devshi Vankar added that school girls have been found “getting distracted” by their mobile phones “as they play games on it and do not concentrate on studies.”


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Erm, we can’t help but think that there must be a less drastic way of dealing with the problem…

Residents of the village certainly aren’t mucking about, though. Any girls seen with a phone in their hands will have to fork out for a fine of 2100 rupee (£20), while anyone who catches a teenage girl or unmarried woman using her phone will collect a reward of 200 rupees (£2) for handing them in.

The only exception for a young (or unmarried) woman to be using a mobile is if they are contacting a relative from their parents’ mobile.

Now for the worst part of all… While females are forbidden to use their mobile phones, young and/or unmarried boys will still be able to use their mobiles as and when they wish.

AND, according to their village head, the “entire population” of Suraj is in support of the movement.

What happened to equality, people?!