In The Style Launches T-Shirt In Support Of Manchester

100% of profits go to the emergency fund...

As the country comes to terms with the horror that is the Manchester attack, fashion e-tailer In The Style has put their powers to good use.

In honour of those affected by the events, the Manchester-based brand has designed a t-shirt dress featuring the symbolic Manchester Bee, of which 100% of profits will go directly to the ‘We Love Manchester’ emergency fund. The fund, set up by the British Red Cross and the Manchester City council, will use all donations to support families of those impacted.

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In The Style’s website description says, “There is nothing we can say to fill the hole that this tragedy has created in our beautiful city. But with no words to be able to undo this atrocity, we are still a community, and we will remain defiant in pulling together to help those affected by this heart-breaking attack.”

Adam Frisby, director of In The Style, adds, “We have been deeply saddened by the horrific attack that took place in our home city of Manchester and it was very important to myself and the entire In The Style team to give something back to the families of those who tragically lost their lives whilst also showing solidarity and standing proud in support of the true heroes of our city.”

Hear, hear.

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As for the t-shirt, the bee comes as a symbol of Manchester’s “worker bees”, dating back to the industrial revolution, and costs just £10.

Do your bit and click here to get yours. To quote the charity, remember: We are not defined by this attack. We are Manchester.