People Are Making IKEA Bags Into Stuff…

And it's pretty impressive!

Words By Lexxi Davis

The iconic IKEA bag has got itself quite a lot of press recently.

Only last month someone noticed the blaring similarities between Balenciaga’s new Β£1,600 tote and IKEA’s blue holdall, and the internet went crazy over it.

IKEA bagThen IKEA responded in the most hilarious way, causing everyone to lose their minds even more. Releasing a ‘how to identify an original IKEA FRAKTA bag’ statement.

IKEA bag

And it seems people can’t get enough of that waterproof blue bag, because everyone is apparently now wearing it too…

And who knew it would look so stylish..?! We’re majorly feeling this corset top.

And we’re not ashamed to say this hat is on our summer wish list.

Did someone say meatballs πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ #frakta

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Creating the most weird and wonderful fashion items out of the FRAKTA bag, people of the internet are getting majorly creative. Just look at this top! And those matching earrings on fleek.

Deconstructed street inspo via @lover__romeo

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This street style inspo is giving us ideas for cropping our jeans…

πŸ› πŸ›΄β„’

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Props to this girl who made a prom dress out of the blue bags. And we kinda love it… The choker totally makes it.

#frakta dress by @ikeausa x @itsanarkee

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The list is basically endless of the things people are making out of the iconic blue and yellow bag and straps. Wallets, bags, shoes, dresses, aprons and even underwear…

BALENCIAGA x IKEA limited hoax thong

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We’re not sure about the thong, but we love how a 99p bag can go viral as the latest must-have fashion item…

You’ve gotta love the internet.