Inside Rihanna’s £30K-A-Week Beauty Regime…

Rihanna knows a thing or two about looking good. But we can reveal it’s not all down to being #blessed and, in fact, it costs the 26-year-old a whopping £30K- a- week to upkeep this polished persona. Check this out…

Hair = £15k

Rihanna has a round-the-clock team of experts to cater for her hair,’ a well-placed insider tells LOOK. They added Rihanna has been known to spend £1.5K a day on a hair stylist’s salary alone as they travel the world with her. “Then there’s the cost for the actual hair. She only wears human hair that’s never been processed – her latest look cost around £7k. ‘For Rihanna her hair it’s her most important accessory so it’s not something she’ll scrimp on,’ the insider added.

Designer Skin Care = £800

‘I like Crème De La Mere,’ Rihanna said in the past. ‘I use it on my face, hands, all over.’ But as it retails at £200 for a 60ml pot, it’s not cheap. ‘She’s likely to go through at least four pots a week,’ our insider revealed. 

24/7 Lash Technician = £3k

While most of us would have our false-lash touch ups once a month, we hear that Ri Ri has a personal eyelash technician on hand all the time. “She has her expert is on call 24/7 and she get touch ups every day. It’s not unusual for Rihanna to wake her up at 2am to fuss with her lashes for a late night out.”

Personal Make-Up Artist = £2k

Rihanna has personal make up artist Mylah Morales on hand, who always has Rihanna’s Mac make-up favourites for touch ups. ‘Rihanna likes to change her make up with every outfit and sometimes she’ll change up to five times so Mylah is always there help her make-up and wardrobe coordinate,’ our insider says.

Personal Dermatologist = £6K

We all know RiRi parties hard, but with a personal dermatologist on retainer she’s sorted. ‘She gets laser skin tightening, oxygen facials, photo facials and even the infamous vampire facials,’ we’re told. ‘It’s not just her face, she gets laser treatments on her body too’.

Contour Tanning = £3.2k

Rihanna’s abs always look amazing, right? Well, our source tell is that sometimes they’re not down to 1000 sit-ups a day. Apparently, pays a personal tanner £500 a day to travel with her who sprays them on!  ‘She gets her thighs contoured using the air brush tanning, and he’s also an expert on highlighting her abs too.’ Sneaky.

By Lydia Southern