The Bloggers Taking The World By Storm

If there’s one blogging duo you need on your radar right now, it’s Australian twins Stef and Jess, better know as How Two Live. It all started when Stef upped and left to live in Paris for six months, leaving Jess behind in Australia. In a bid to beat the distance and stay in touch, the two set up a blog as a platform for them to share what they had been up to with one another – and so How Two Live was born.

In between travelling around the world, documenting their fashion and beauty experiences, modelling (they’re even signed to Models 1 in the UK!), creating totally delicious recipes and writing a book, we caught up with the pair to find out more about what they get up to..

It goes without saying that Stef and Jess are both totally flawless, so we just had to ask for their best beauty tips. The answer? “It’s all about the brows.” Yep, the pair couldn’t have made it clearer that a strong brow is all you need to complete your make-up look (and if you don’t believe them, they’re walking, talking proof).


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As for style, the girls say “owning it” is most important, because everybody says “oh my god, I can’t pull that off” but that half the time they’re “faking it” themselves. When it comes to inspiration, it’s Anna Dello Russo and the Olsen twins the girls are lusting after right now.

Looking at their Instagram account (all 121k followers included), what we were expecting was a whole load of fun – and that was exactly what we got. Serious bits aside, it wasn’t long before Stef and Jess were showing us their double jointed arms, ‘hitch-hiker’ thumbs and mimicking their favourite emojis for us. We just can’t wait to see what they get up to next..