How To Wear Trainers Outside Of The Gym

Trainers have long been snubbed as the I-can’t-be-bothered-to-get-dressed shoe wear staple, but now, proof that the trainer can up your style game ten-fold is EVERYWHERE.

From street style aficionados Tavi Gevinson and Pandora Sykes, to A-list fash icons Olivia Palermo and Gigi Hadid, everyone who is anyone has been championing the trainer trend outside of the gym. None other than Karl Lagerfeld even switched heels for a collection of jazzy embellished kicks to complete his SS14 couture collection.

But, while slipping on a pair of your comfiest Nikes and bouncing out of the house in a state of comfy-feet-euphoria seems all too good to miss out on, you should probably wise up on how to do the trainer the grown-up way first.

That’s where we come in. Like you, the licence to give our feet a much-needed rest is one all to good to pass up on, so we’ve collated a comprehensive guide featuring each and every way to do the trainer-outside-of-the-gym-trend the right way.

1. Pair with a feminine frock.




Going head-to-toe androgynous sportswear can look a little too couch wear and a lot less couture. Add socks á la Tavi for an extra preppy injection and complete with waist-sinching belt.


2. Co-ordinate.






Clashing colours with your trainers can end up as one big mismatched mess. Whether you go bright or not, just remember to keep at least one muted hue in your ensemble to avoid crossing the line between to-die-for and toddler.



3. Simplicity + tailoring goes a long way.






Choose black and sleek finished fabrics for a sophisticated take on the trainer trend.


4. Let the shoes do the talking.








We’re huge fans of classic whites, but bold metallics and patterns leave you with leeway to keep things simple elsewhere. Yep, you heard right – jeans + tee + trainers is officially a-okay.  

So now you’re equipped with the full trainer trend know-how, head to our trainer gallery to shop your fave pair. Trust us, you won’t regret it.