Is This A Styling Trick Too Far?

On a perpetual quest for the coolest outfit imaginable, the blogging elite are constantly thinking up new ways to rake in the likes. Their latest obsession? Changing up the classic shirt in ways we never expected; the most, um, interesting incarnation being a one-shoulder top. First spearheaded by street style queen, Tamu McPherson, the look (which involves wearing one sleeve of the shirt like normal, buttoning it half way up, and tying the leftover sleeve with the draping fabric) has left our usually united Look office in tatters (opinionatively speaking), with two of our staffers taking opposing sides. The big question is will you dare to try it?


Maxine Eggenberger, Senior Fashion News Writer says: Hell Yes!

‘If we all donned clothes the way they were merely “meant” to be worn, the world would be a pretty boring place. A sartorial 1984 if you will. As far as I’m concerned, the mark of a true style icon is the innate ability to see potential in clothes others can’t – whether it’s a unusual dress and shoe pairing, a colour combo that shoudn’t work but does or, in this case, the total overhaul of an everyday wardrobe staple. Ok, I get this ensemble might earn you a couple of sideways glances but you can rest assured the person giving you them doesn’t understand fashion. Harsh, but true.’

Bridie Wilkins, Fashion News Assistant says: Not Tonight, Josephine… 

‘I just. Don’t. Get. It. Not only does it look like you’re wearing a sling, but surely stretching your shirts like that can’t be good. I already spend a considerable part of the day worrying about my buttons popping open (you can thank my tatas for that), so I can only imagine how I’d feel if I attempted to wear my shirt hoisted down and tied in a way it’s not supposed to. I mean, I’m all for revolutionary styling tricks – especially when it means bagging yourself two tops for the price of one – but I just don’t see any practicality in this one. Put it this way, do these women actually wear their shirts like this all day, or is it just for the photo?’

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