How To Train For A Marathon: The LOOK Diary

22.10.15 – 27 Weeks To Go

So, I joined a gym.

And guys, as much as I joke about not being a natural runner, the concept of Amie-Jo Locke joining an actual gym, for fit people, is a pretty alien one…as alien as you can get actually. Star Trek proportions almost.

However, with the clocks going back this weekend and the weather behaving less than kindly, the gym is going to be the only way that I’ll get my training mileage up without having to run three times a week in the dark.

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And when it comes to gym vs the great outdoors debate, I remember having a discussion with a friend of mine who ran the London Marathon last year, and she told me that while running on a treadmill will never be the same as training outside, the gym can be a great alternative for those struggling to achieve the perfect work/training/life balance. I figured that this was good advice, especially in these early stages.

Marathon training

Luckily for me, my gym couldn’t be handier. It’s right underneath my work building, and has all the equipment and classes I need to make my membership worthwhile. Plus, I can hardly make excuses about sacking off a session when it’s only five steps door to door right?

So, this week I have been trying to hit the treadmill before work. My aim is to run three times during the week on a treadmill, then try a longer outdoor run over the weekend. Last Sunday I managed 4.6 miles along the canal, and have been knocking out on average 2.2 miles per gym session. I have to admit though, it’s taking some time to get used to the treadmill as I’m constantly looking at the timer. A good friend suggested listening to podcasts – any suggestions?

I’ve also decided to go with the Nike+ Running App for my training schedule, which will officially begin on November 9th. Until then, I will keep running regularly – I don’t want to get a nasty shock once the hardcore stuff sets in right?

More updates soon folks,

Amie-Jo x


First things first. I feel I need to open this marathon training diary by making the admission that I’m not a natural athlete, and am most definitely NOT a keen runner. I know. Hilarious. 

I was the girl at school that did anything to skive off PE. I was the girl that won class prizes for papier-mâché sculptures – not for being a county track champion. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I actually hate physical activity. I get exhausted carrying my shopping up three flights of stairs to my flat for heaven’s sake.

So, how has it come about that I am now running the 2016 London Marathon? To tell you the truth, it started as a (slightly drunken) bet that escalated rather quickly, then before you could say Paula Radcliffe, a big fat London Marathon welcome pack drops through my letterbox, and my life for the next six months is pretty much set. I’m not going to lie; excitement wasn’t the first feeling I experienced thumbing through the wedge of sponsor forms. I’ll tell you what it was – terror. Absolute, blind white terror. What on earth had I gotten myself in to? Well, I guess you guys are about to find out…

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Marathon Training The extent of my physical activity thus far = the occasional Nike NTC session

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Over the next few months I will be checking in and letting you know how the training is going, and if you are (crazy) like me and are preparing to run a marathon yourself, well,l maybe we can learn some things together. At the moment, I am consciously aware that this 26.2 mile endeavour WILL be happening in a little over six months, so have been doing a little running (no where near what is required, we’re talking one or two miles…when I feel like it…if it isn’t raining) to get my head in the game before the training well and truly kicks off.

So. Baby steps guys. It’s happening. What do I need to achieve in the next week to get myself on track?

1. Set myself a (realistic) time

2. Choose a training programme

3. Set fundraising goals (I’m running for charity organisation Kith & Kids)

4. Join a gym

These I feel are a good set of tasks to get my teeth into. I’ve heard that a standard marathon training programme kicks in at 24 weeks, so I have time to get these basics established before the preverbial wotsit hits the fan. Plus, let’s take some time to get to know each other before it gets really hard right?

So, by next week I aim to have these four things nailed, and then we can start talking business.

Until then folks,

Amie-Jo x