How To See Who Ignored Your Facebook Friend Requests

Ever wondered what happened to the Facebook friend requests you sent out yonks ago but never heard back from? Well, now you can find out exactly who ignored you.

We KNOW. Stalking just reached a whole new level (in a weird, backwards kind of way).

It’s all down to three simple steps:

1. Go to the toolbar in the top right hand corner of your Facebook page and select the friend request icon where your usual friend requests will pop up.

2. Scroll to the bottom (of the list of people you’ve also done the dirty on and ignored – NO-ONE is innocent here, ladies) and select ‘See All’.

3. A ‘View Sent Request’ option should appear on the next page for you to click on.


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Et voilà. A comprehensive list of everyone who has chosen to ignore your friend requests since you first joined Facey B.







We know what you’re thinking. What have you done to deserve such hostility?! Am I a social outcast?! Why does everyone hate me?!

Breathe. We’re not saying they’re all totally disgraced at the prospect of having you perv over their updates, there’s still the possibility they’ve genuinely forgotten and this might be just the push they need to finally bite the bullet and embrace the stalker (kidding).

And, like we said before, we’ll bet our bottom dollar you’ve ignored more than a few requests yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and all that…

Either way, we’re sure you’ll agree this is SO exciting. As they’d say in the good ol’ days, curiosity killed the cat… But satisfaction brought it back.

Stalk away, my friends.