The Life-Changing Hack To Restring Your Hoodie

If, like us, you’re a bit of a hoodie fiend, you’ll know ALL about drawstring struggles. 

Those pesky little strings have a habit of riding their way around and hanging all the way out. Ugh. 

That’s why, when Lifehacker revealed a nifty little way to pop that string back in using some everyday household items, we soaked up the knowledge like a sponge. 

Originally posted by reddit user zjbird, the handy life hack will have your drawstring reunited with your favourite hoodie, joggers or gym sweats in no time. 

You will need: 

1 x plastic straw
1 x loaded stapler
1 x string-less item of clothing
1 x lonely drawstring

Combining these ingredients, all you need to do is pop the string inside the hole in the straw, staple it in place, then push the straw though the hoodie or waistband of your chosen piece of clothing. Once it’s out, you can pick away the stape and remove the straw. 

Of course, some people like to use a good ol’ fashioned needle, safety pin, coat hanger, or perhaps a pen. 

So, what’s so special about this technique? Well, being bendy, the straw offers flexibility when feeding the string back through.

Zalando have also shared a straw technique in their clever life hack video

Neat, huh?