How To Pull Off A Leap Year Proposal In Style

2016 is a leap year and we all know what that means when it comes to relationships. Tradition states that every four years the tables turn and it’s the chance for women to propose to their partners. 

As we now live in 2016, we don’t feel a rule that dates back to the 13th century should determine when you’re ‘allowed’ to propose. We reckon if you want to do it, you should do it regardless of what year it is. However, if you do want to propose this leap day (or year) you’ll probably be looking for some inspiration on how to pop the all-important question.

The Internet is full of advice for men on how to ask one of life’s most nerve wracking questions, but the guidance for us ladies is pretty lacking and often quite off putting.

We have therefore come up with a go-to guide for girls wanting to propose. After all, is there anything more exciting than a proposal story? We think not….  

Get Creative

All the classic proposal ideas are aimed at women. A standard proposal consisting of flowers, diamonds and candles is probs out the window (unless of course your partner is into all that). First things first, you need to think outside the box.

Planning The Proposal

Deciding where and how to propose in a non-cringe manner can be difficult. It might be useful to think about your partner’s hobbies or incorporating an activity into your day. Or why not use this as an opportunity to tick off something on his bucket list.

Food, Food, Food

Food is integral to all fun, right? We reckon any proposal worth its salt will include it in some form. Cook your partner a feast of his favourite dishes at home, create a hamper of all his most-loved treats, or if it’s summer make him a picnic. It might be a bit cliché but revisiting your first date restaurant (if it’s a nice one!) can be a romantic idea.

When To Drop The Bombshell

Planning the proposal may be the tricky part but don’t forget to decide exactly when your going to say those four important words. If you’ve planned a day, evening or maybe even a whole weekend of fun around the proposal you’re going to need to decide at one point you reveal all. You could do it right at the beginning and use the fun you’ve planned as a celebration, or at the end after you’ve spent time woo-ing them – at this point they might have a sneaky suspicion what’s going on…

The Question Of The Ring

Do you surprise him with a ring? Having scoured the Internet for men’s engagement rings our results came back with a big fat zero (potential business opp right there). Who says a ring is integral to a proposal anyways? Why not surprise your partner with a different gift to mark the moment instead.