How To Make Your Shoes Last Longer

There’s nothing worse than snapping up a new pair of shoes just for them to look knackered after a few wears. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the ultimate tips to ensure a long lasting relationship with your shoe-drobe.

Spend A Little More

We’re starting with a pretty obvious one here, but it goes without saying that spending slightly more than average on a pair of shoes you really love means they’ll last longer purely due to the quality and craftsmanship.

Replace The Soles

The minute the soles start to look a little worn out, it’s time to take a trip to the cobblers for new ones. Leave it too long and they could become unfixable.

Don’t Put Them In The Washing Machine

Obviously this one applies mainly to trainers and canvas shoes. Cleaning them this way will wear them out faster, and can give white styles a yellow tinge. Instead, wash them by hand with a cloth and warm soapy water.



Stock Up On Shoe Protector

Leather, suede, nubuck – the right protector is the easiest way to give your shoes a chance of a longer life span.

Protect Your Soles

As well as replacing them professionally when needed, invest in some sticky sole protectors.


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Stuff Them With Newspaper

There are plenty reasons to stuff your shoes with newspaper, like alleviating odor, drying them out if they get wet, preventing dry rot, and preserving their shape. It’s a good way to recycle too – win win.




Store Them Well

That means in a dry place, away from sunlight, and not just thrown in the closet. Neatly lining them up with breathing space between each pair is best. If you’ve invested in a designer pair, they probably came with a dust bag to protect them in storage. Hot tip: a pillowcase will work just as well.

Use A Shoehorn Or Shoe Tree

They will stretch shoes – while maintaining their original size – stopping creasing and letting them breathe. It will also stop you damaging the backs which is easy done when you shove them onto your feet.

Buff And Shine Them Regularly

Try to do this after every wear. Apply polish to any scuffs or marks, then buff them with a cloth or old t-shirt to add shine.





Don’t Wear Them All The Time

Keep your favourite shoes on rotation so as not to wear them down so quickly. Avoid wearing the same pair two days in a row if you want to keep them looking new.