How To Lose Belly Fat: The Celebrity Guide To Fab Abs

Personal trainer Zoe McNulty lists her top flat stomach exercises to get Jessica Alba's toned tummy fast

How do I get a flat stomach? It’s the age old question every woman would like the answer to. But it’s not always easy to know how to burn the belly fat to achieve abs like Jessica Alba. Or is it?

Well, we spoke to personal trainer Zoe McNulty to nab her best fat-burning tips for washboard abs. Meaning you can now lose belly fat at home fast with these genius tummy exercises that don’t even require a gym membership. Wooo!

‘To get abs like Alba you have to reduce body fat and train the whole body,’ she explains, adding that this is apparently what Jessica does with her PT. ‘The more muscle you build up, the more fat you burn and the more definition you’ll see. Stop-start workouts that mix cardio and strengthening are the way forward.’

Zoe’s rounded up her 6 best tummy-flattening exercises to get you on the path to the stomach of your dreams. She suggests doing the following in ten minutes:

1) Lose belly fat by sprinting

‘Sprint along the road for 100m and back again. The quick blast of cardio boosts your heart rate while burning fat and calories. Follow each exercise with this.’

2) Beat the bloat with the plank

‘Plank for a minute, pulling your belly to your spine with your body straight. Don’t stick your bum up!’

3) Tone your tummy with a Russian Twist

‘In a half sit-up position, lock your core then twist side to side with your arms bent out to 10.’

4) Get a flat stomach by doing press-ups

‘Do 10 press-ups (on your knees in you need to) ensuring your core is sucked in, hands are shoulder width and a half apart, and your bottom isn’t sticking out. Go down slowly, push up quickly.’

5) Try tricep dips

‘Slide off a chair with your legs in front of you, arms straight and hands on the seat behind you. Gently bend your elbows to lower your bottom, then straighten to bring it back up. Keep your shoulders down. Repeat 10 times.’

6) Build strength with The Robot

‘Stand on an exercise band, with one end in each hand. Crouch, squeeze shoulders together, then pull up with your elbows bending out wide. Pull and hold 10 times.’

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