How To Do Bare Legs In Spring (Without Freezing To Death)

Trans-seasonal dressing is the trickiest to master, and spring is the trickiest of all. It’s around this point in the year the high street start to drop their holiday collections, and we officially can’t wait any longer to start going bare legged and showing off those new purchases.

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However, our indecisive weather doesn’t want to play any games. Sunny and mild one minute, tipping it down and freezing the next, getting dressed in the morning is proving to be seriously problematic, no to mention the daily morning debates on whether or not to wear your trusty tights or flash those pins.

Fear not though, there are ways you can get your legs out without catching a cold – you just need to plan your ensemble carefully.

Take your cue from street style stars and celebrities and follow these handy styling tricks. Trust us you’ll be packing away those 40 deniers away before you know it…

Wrap Up In A Long Coat 

The ankle boots and long coat combo is the perfect pairing for easing your way into no tights-season. Simply play with different lengths by wearing a short mini with a long coat. To beat the morning chill, layer up on top with a thick knit, or add a bomber under your coat if you want to wear a thin blouse. 

Flash A Thigh

An easy-peasy way to show off a bit of leg without going the whole hog is by wearing knee high or thigh high boots. Thought you had to wait till your holiday to wear your new peasant smock? Think again with the addition of a pair of suede thigh high boots.

Don’t Be Scared Of Socks And Sandals 

Socks and sandals are no longer a trend reserved for grandparents and tourists, and have been spotted recently on a pleathora of fashionistas.  Keep your feet toasty and show off your new sandals at the same time – double winner. 

By Elizabeth Bennett