How To Get Rid Of Cellulite: The Easy Peasy Way

Cellulite. Everyone’s got it (yep, even supermodels).

We’ve learnt to love our leg dimples, and so have tonnes of celebs, who have openly spoken about their leggy lumps and bumps – Kim Kardashian, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Iggy Azaelea to name but a few.

But it’s no secret that many women out there are searching for a miracle cure on how to reduce cellulite, reaching for cellulite creams in the hope of getting smoother, taughter skin. Often, though, there’s zero difference. 

Which cellulite treatment is really the best? Are there special cellulite exercises you can do? Do anti-cellulite creams even work?

Well, we’ve asked Kerry Herbert, a practitioner at The Private Clinic of Harley Street, to offer up her top tips for banishing your body dimples, the natural way.

1) Tone Up

Regular exercise is important – walking or any form of cardio work will help with circulation and toning. But finding an exercise regime that works for you is important. MMA fighter and trainer, Khalid Ismail, recommends warming up with a gentle walk on the treadmill first. Try squats and lunges with light weights at the end of your workouts every other day – this will help tone the glutes and let your muscles repair. If you can’t get to the gym, try doing heel lifts on the stairs at home instead. Face the stairs and stand on the edge of a step with your heels hanging over the edge. Lower yourself up and down, alternating turning your feet outward and inward for maximum stretch.

2) Eat Fresh

Brightly coloured fruit and vegetables is the best for busting cellulite, as it helps to improve skin circulation, reducing the appearance of your bumps. Coloured fruit and vegetables contain the most antioxidants, helping our bodies to shed toxins. In contrast, eating fatty foods reduces skin elasticity and slows your circulation down. Stock up on raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, mangoes and bananas, which also boost blood flow, which again helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Boosting your vitamin C intake will also help, as it boosts collagen levels in the skin, as will oily fish and white lean meat. Avoid salt – it’s an aggravating factor, which means no crisps or haloumi cheese. Sob.

3) Buy New Underwear

Cellulite can form due to wearing tight elastic, so opting for looser fitting underwear should help. Tigh clothing restricts your circulation and can, over time, make cellulite worse. Fitted underwear can also hinder the body’s ability to move fat where it needs to go, so loosen up, ladies.

4) Body Brushing

Body brushing really does work – combine it with your normal moisturising routine. Body brushing can help to remove dead skin and give the skin a healthier, more youthful appearance over time. Investing in a good, plumping moisturiser could also help to breathe life back into weakened skin cells and will make cellulite feel less ‘lumpy and bumpy’. Win!

5) Consider Cellulite Treatments

If you feel you are maintaining a healthy diet, taking care of your legs and exercising regularly but you still can’t get rid of your cellulite, then it might be time to look into a cellulite treatment. Velashape, available at The Private Clinic, combines radio frequency, infra-red, vacuum and mechanical massage to tackle the appearance of of your lumps and bumps. It helps to boost circulation, targets the dimpled skin to firm problem areas and makes the skin feel smoother.

You can also take action with a few of our favourite cellulite busting and skin firming body lotions…

MIO Shrink to fit cellulite smoother

A light cream, MIO’s Cellulite Smoother, £35, tackles the sluggish circulation in problem areas – which contribute to cellulite – and give lumpy/bumpy skin a serious dose of smoothing hydration.

mio shrink to fit cellulite smoother

MIO Shrink to fit cellulite smoother


Sanctuary Youth Boosting Body Butter

Rich and creamy, this body butter, £12, is packed with cocoa, macademia nut oil and collagen-boosting peptides to keep skin smoother, firmer and moisturized all day long.

sanctuary spa youth boosting body butter

Sanctuary Youth Boosting Body Butter

Caudalie Contouring Concentrate

If you prefer oils and serums try the Caudalie Contouring Concentrate, £24,, which helps to refine dimples in the skin and boost elasticity.

caudalie contouring body

Cloud 9 Body Makeover Skin Firming and Cellulite Treatment

A gel formula that sinks into skin quickly, the Cloud 9 Body Makeover Skin Firming and Cellulite Treatment, £35,, works start reducing the appearance of cellulite and orange peel in just two weeks. Watch out for the tingle – it’s a surprise the first time around!

cloud 9Body Makeover Skin Firming and Cellulite Treatment