How To Make Cheryl’s Flame Red Hair Work For You

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Cheryl Fernandez-Versni showed off her newly dyed flame-haired locks yesterday, which had just been given a colour re-fresh by colourist Ellenora Dean. 

Fierce, fiery locks are the ultimate statement-maker for spring, and if you’re looking to go red like Cheryl, then there’s a few things you should know first. 

Top Tips for Red Hair (by UK Hair Colour Helpline)

1. Good news! Most of us can pull off at least one shade of red so if you’ve never dabbled with a warmer tone, don’t be put off by this trend. 

2. Darker skin tones tend to suit more mahogany or plum based reds whilst cooler or fairer skin tones are flattered by more orange based reds such as copper and terracotta. 

3. Red is a notoriously difficult colour to maintain however as the pigment is prone to leaching from the hair so be prepared to look after your colour and refresh more regularly than you might with another colour.

4. To achieve the more vibrant shades you may need to pre-lighten the hair first, but this can cause your hair to become porous, so will need regular conditioning treatments. 

5. If you don’t want to commit to a permanent shade of red, why not test the trend with a non-permanent colour, such as Naturtint Reflex 5.62 – a deep mahogany red, ideal if you are leaning towards the darker, purple reds rather than the copper reds.

6. Invest in after-care products specifically designed for coloured hair, to help prolong the life of your colour. Nutrideep Multiplier contains Sunflower extracts to help guard against external hair damage.

7. Lastly, remember that your make-up may also need updating with your hair colour.

To achieve an A-list red shade like Cheryl, try Naturtint hair colourant in Fireland and keep it conditioned with the Nutrideep Multiplier.