Get Kate Beckinsale's thick, wavy look with Easilocks Red Carpet Easi-In

How To Fake Kate Beckinsale’s Thick, Silky Waves

Easilocks Red Carpet Easi-In, £55.99

Kate Beckinsale‘s hair is the stuff dreams are made of. Impossibly thick and silky, and always tumbling down her shoulders in perfect barrel waves. *Sigh*.

Us mere mortals had been going around thinking it’s the kind of hair we could never achieve – even with multiple hair masks and tonging – until now.

Because thanks to top hair extensions technology, you can now get Hollywood hair in an instant with Easilocks

They create some of the best hair extensions in the ‘biz, and with their Red Carpet Easi-In, you can get Kate’s A-list look with minimal effort. 

Simply clip in one third of the way down the back of your hair, leaving out the top layer of your hair to cover the bonds before flipping over the top layer to blend in with your own hair.

It can be shampooed, blowdryed and styled any way you like, and even has an easi-in cord which teaches it to remember the shape of your head every time you use it. Nifty!

Next time you want to feel like a total glamourpuss, we suggest giving your ‘do a bit of a Hollywood makeover (it will only cost you £55.99 and you can use it forever).

Kate would be proud…