Science Says This Is How To Be More Productive

The solution to being more productive is finally here, and it’s not what we expected – do more. 

Yep, apparently the more stuff we have on our to-do list, the quicker we’re going to get through it.

Researchers at Columbia University studied the productivity habits of 25,000 people and found that the busier they were, they better they were at meeting deadlines. On the other hand, those who had more time to hit their deadlines would let it drag on and in more extreme cases, might not get around to them at all.

Let us go into more detail for you… When researchers compared the time it took for users of a productivity app to tick off tasks, they found that less busy people took roughly 37.6 days to complete a task, while busy bees took an average of 25.5 days to finish theirs. In addition, the more stuff users had on, they more likely they were to complete the deadline at all. Talk about contradictory…


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> Research shows that the bigger our to do list, the sooner we are likely to complete it






To take things one step further, researchers conducted a further study outside of the app in which students were given a survey and tested on how long it took them to complete it. Sure enough, busier students returned the completed survey in a significantly shorter period of time than those with less to do.


Basically, the next time you consider rescheduling or postponing a deadline – work or home life – DON’T. Rack up that to-do list and you’re pretty much set to take over the world. Science says so.