Why You Should (Apparently) Never Wash Your Jeans

Love wearing jeans? Hate doing laundry? We’ve got some great news for you.

Levi’s CEO and President Chip Bergh has just told us that we should never wash our jeans. Like, EVER.

Feel a tad grossed out by the thought of wearing dirty denim? Chip even has an answer for that, explaining that he ‘spot cleans’ any stains with a toothbrush.


Speaking to Fortune in a video that was recently recirculated on social media, Chip says: ‘The point I was trying to make… it was a wake-up call to consumers that we go into autopilot and after we’re finished wearing something, we just automatically toss it into the laundry.

‘A good pair of denim doesn’t really need to be washed in the washing machine except for very infrequently or rarely.’

Apparently, this is because washing a good pair of Levis can actually cause damage to the material (as well as being a HA-uge waste of water).


Hiut Denim agrees with Chip, explaining on its website: ‘Raw denim is best given a good six months before washing. The longer you can leave it, the better your jeans will look.

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‘The reason for this is that the indigo will have worn off in places where you make natural creases. Just by sitting down, putting your phone in and out of your pockets, your hands in your pockets. All these daily little things will make your jeans look great.


‘When it comes to the big day, the indigo will fade where you made those little creases to reveal the contrasts that give it the well worn look.

‘If you wash your jeans too early, the indigo will wash off uniformly so it will give it an even, dark indigo cover which means the magic will have gone. Like anything in life, there are no short cuts.’


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If you feel like your trews are a tad smelly, Hiut recommends putting them in the freezer overnight to help get rid of bacteria. 

You could also give them some air by leaving them outside in the sun, or spritz them with a neutraliser spray.