This Is How Much It Really Costs To Live Like Kylie Jenner

By: Lucy Moon


Kylie Jenner’s lavish lifestyle would be tough to keep up with even for some of her celebrity pals, so for the average teen (or even adult) keeping up with her spending habits is basically impossible. But how much wedge do you really need to live the life of The Kardashian/Jenner clan’s youngest babe…

Mansion: £1.7 Milllion  

Most teenagers are scrimping and saving to move into a shared uni house while Kylie choose a swanky $1.7 million Calabasas mansion, complete with five bedrooms and pool. We lived 5 mins from the local leisure centre – kinda the same, right?

Designer Bag: £6,600

While many of us dream of owning some designer arm candy, Kylie’s wardrobe is packed with super expensive instalments, including an Hermes Birkin bag given to her by her family and adds up to around £6,600. We prefer our £30 Topshop number anyways- honest!

>Instagram" class="imagecache-scaled_620px_wide" src="" title="Kylie Jenner's Hermes Birkin bag had a hefty price tag"> Kylie Jenner’s Hermes Birkin bag had a hefty price tag


Designer Belt: £996

Kylie wowed when she stepped out in a YVY fringe belt which doubled as a skirt. Cinched at the waist, the dramatic fashion piece showed of Kylie’s gorgeous curves perfectly.

> Kylie rocking her designer belt


Rolls Royce: £211,000

There was no old banger waiting for Kylie to pass her test, instead she received a super expensive Rolls Royce for her 18th birthday – which she and boyfriend Tyga later crashed – whoops!

> Kylie poses alongside her pricey wheels


Spray Tan: $230

Kylie told the New York Times she gets her spray tans at the Jimmy Coco spray tan salon, where they cost around £230 each.

> Kylie keeps her skin glowing with expensive spray tans


Puppy: £33,000

Dog lover, Kylie has three Italian greyhounds, Norman, Bambi and Sofia. Yes they are impossibly cute but at around £660 each we thought they were pretty pricey. That is until she adopted Rollie, who cost a whopping £33,000. It was later reported that the pup was a gift from a CEO of an app she and Tyga helped to promote – talk about perks of the job!

> Kylie’s puppy Rollie is super cute

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Bra: £45

Finally something we could maybe afford on Kylie’s long list of spenny must-haves. Kylie shut down rumours she’d had a breast enlargement revealing her trick to creating the perfect cleavage is a bust boosting bra from Victoria’s Secret, which gives you up to two cup sizes extra.


Nails: £110

Miss Jenner’s rarely seen without a perfect mani and if she’s in the market for some fancier nail art, she invites manicurist Britney Tokyo to her house for a Barbie-style mani. Britney charges around £80 for a 2 hour sesh of gel art, plus £30 house call fee.

> Kylie’s mani is always immaculate


Jewellery: £4,700

Kylie’s style is all about the bling, which she loves to don for red carpet events and casual Instagram snaps –obvs. One of her faves just happens to be a $7K rose gld ring from Shay Fine Jewellery.


Wig: £400-£3,300

Kylie loves to change up her ‘do several times a week with her collection of wigs. One day she’s rocking mint green and the next blonde or jet black, we just can’t keep up! Yokyo Stylez makes Kylie’s wigs and charges anywhere from £400-£3,300 a time.

> Kylie’s mint green wig is one of many in her collection


Eyelashes: £20

While most of us stick to our fave mascara, Kylie’s all about falsies. But not just any false lashes, Kylie opts for Lilly Lashes, which are made from mink fur.


That’s a grand total of £1,960,001. Well there’s only one thing for it – Kylie can we be BFF’s? Pretty please…