Prepare For Perseverance: The New Self Portrait?

Hailed as the new (slightly more affordable) Self Portrait, Perseverance is the new London-based label set to shake up your wardrobe.

We can’t hear the words Self Portrait without our minds being flooded with endless images of A-listers in lattice lace dresses and pretty, broderie anglaise blouses. Stratospheric doesn’t seem to cover the level of success the label has enjoyed over the past couple of years, which is why, when we heard that new London brand Perseverance was being touted as the next SP, our hearts skipped a beat.


Founded by Spanish designer Eudald Luis, Perseverance is only in its second season but has already developed its own unique aesthetic; think knockout gold gowns alongside 70s silhouettes, Victoriana tops and even a glimpse of classic tailoring.

“I wanted to create great design pieces with quality fabrication and attention to detail but I wanted the items to be affordable,” says Luis. And he’s done just that. Given that his first big job was at that high street Mecca, Zara, it’s not hard to see that Luis understands the desire for easy-to-wear pieces with stand-out details- intricate lace trims, balloon sleeve knits, ruffle details and oversized pussybow blouses, for example, all starting just below the £200 mark.


Already stocked in Liberty, Avenue 32 and Flannels, Perseverance is even starting to attract a celeb following; we saw Laura Jackson at London Fashion Week, wearing the amazing red ruffle dress.

Trust us when we say you’re about to see this on a whole lot more trendsetters any time soon, so we’d suggest picking your favourite piece before they beat you to it.

You know what they say: perseverance pays off.

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