Holly Willoughby Reacts To Haters Of Her Instagram Outfits

Oh, Holly Willoughby.  

This lady is fast becoming one of our favourite faces on TV. 

Being one of the hosts of popular ITV breakfast show This Morning, the mum-of-three has become used to living her life in the spotlight. And the attention that comes along with it.  

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Holly’s This Morning wardrobe has become such a hot topic of conversation that she’s taken to sharing her outfit details with her loyal Instagram fans.

Opening up to Heat, the 35-year-old has spoken out about some of the not-so-nice comments she receives about her sartorial choices. 

She said, ‘It does make me laugh. If somebody said something really nasty, I don’t get too worried about that either because I don’t know who that is…’

What a great attitude to have, no? 

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Holly admits that if someone doesn’t like what she’s wearing, they’re allowed to say so (although we’d have to point out that the old phrase ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ pops into our heads). 

The TV presenter also revealed that she’s no stranger to the ‘block’ button, saying that any sort of sexual remark will result in being banished form her social media accounts.

Fair play, lady. Nobody should have to deal with unwanted attention.  

We think we might love her even more now…