Holly Willoughby Puts On Very.co.uk Runway Show With ‘Real Women’

Holly Willoughby is ranking seriously high in our good books right now. The TV personality, mother, wife and fashion designer (seriously, is there anything she can’t do?) put on a show at London’s Claridges yesterday to promote her summer 2013 fashion collection for Very.co.uk.

Holly used four models that she sourced through a Facebook competition, alongside professional models. to show off her new clothing range. It features plenty of easy to throw on dresses so that’ll be more time in bed for us in the morning!

Holly said:” I want to show my clothes as they should be seen, on real women with real figures walking down the catwalk. This is when the clothes will look their best and the women looked absolutely gorgeous…I am so proud of them.”

An online fashion collection that celebrates our bodies? Sounds like an instant success, epsecially if it’ll make the most of our one-too-many-late-night-kebab curves.

Well done Holly, you’ve only gone and done it again…

Written By Hannah Gale, 10 April 2013

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